If you find the idea of constantly being on camera during your wedding daunting, then you are not alone. Very few people love getting thousands of photos clicked on their wedding day. After all, unless one is a professional model, no one is accustomed to being in front of the camera for hours. So, how do you create beautiful moments to get shots that you would actually want to place in your wedding album or frame to put it up on your wall?

Here are a few tips that will help you in looking your personal best on the day of your wedding.

1. Smile naturally
The best way to get some amazing shots is to smile as naturally as you can. When you smile in a forced manner, then your cheeks puff up and eyes squint. This does not make for a very flattering pose. Instead, practice smiling naturally by thinking about your happy memories with your significant other. Also, another trick is to smile with your eyes, or as Tyra Banks would call it, smize.

2. Relax
Wedding photographs can take ages and grinning through every single one of them can be tiring. So, try to relax and have fun. You want your photos to capture the beauty of the moment and not look too posed. If you start to feel too stuck or tired, do not shy away from pressing the reset button and relax for a while. Look away from the camera and then come back to it when you feel like it.

3. Find your best side
Before you stand in front of the camera on your wedding, figure out your best angle. Rarely do people have perfectly symmetrical faces and even though you have a gorgeous face, we are sure that there is one side that you like a tad bit more. And if you don’t know it, find out by taking selfies and practice posing with your face tilted in each direction. This way you will know your best side and then you can always pose with that side forward.

These tips will ensure that you get some great shots with your partner on your special day. Get in touch with us to make your wedding album dreams come true. We also specialize in South Asian wedding photography.