Wedding photo and video post-production refer to the process of editing and enhancing the photos and videos taken during your wedding. It is an essential aspect of wedding photography and videography as it helps to create stunning images and videos that capture the essence of the wedding day.

Your Wedding Post Production Steps

Step 1 - Backup & Upload

Once we finish shooting your event, the same day, your session is downloaded to a local hard drive, and then immediately uploaded to our production server configured in RAID 5 for redundancy and speed. Having three copies of your images, with at least 1 off-site is known as a 3-2-1 backup system and is essential for protecting your images. Once backups are complete, then we move onto image selection.

The RAW format takes up quite a bit more space, with a full wedding photographed in RAW taking up between 100-200 gigabytes of information before any conversions take place.

Step 2 - Image Selection

To begin image selection, we use specialized software that catalogs and browses large RAW files quickly. It will also group duplicate photos together and allow us to quickly view all of them to manually select the best versions. This software also allows us to add color tags, keywords, or star ratings to your images. From here we will cull your pictures “in” first and remove blurry images, unflattering expressions, or duplicate photos to best tell the story of your wedding.

From there, we then go back and cull “out” any images that don’t lend themselves to the story, perfecting the final product we deliver to you.

Step 3 - Color Correction

Color and tonal correction are essential to polishing a final image. During this stage, we take each individual picture and analyze its color, contrast, exposure, white balance, black and white points, highlights and shadow detail, and clarity.

We start this process by working on exposure, or the overall luminance of the image. We shoot as correct as possible in-camera but will make adjustments on our calibrated monitors to get the best results. Next, we will fix an image’s color temperature. Weddings are often shot in mixed lighting situations. This will sometimes cause an image to have a mixture of colors that don’t necessarily blend together. Lastly, we will add sharpening to an image, and noise reduction in two photos that were taken in low-light situations. This will ensure the highest quality digital file that can make beautiful prints.

Step 4 - Sneak Peak

You will receive 25 beautiful sneak peak photos within 5-7 days of your wedding. So now you can showoff!


Step 5 - Creative Edits

Our Signature edited photos are unlike any other wedding photos that you have seen, they are shot from the start with a signature edit in mind, these images require a significant more amount of time than just color correction and cropping.

Step 6 - Convert to Full Res JPEGs

After color correction, this is the step where we convert your images to a usable format, (full resolution JPEGs)

Step 7 - Create Online Gallery

Once we complete our edting process, an online gallery is then created to store your full resolution images. It is an exciting way to share your images with your family and friends. It is a password proctected online gallery-style website that gives the option of viewing your images in a beautiful full-screen mode.

Step 8 - Download Your Images

You can now download all your photos. We will include two different resolution options for you to choose from, full resolution and optimized for social sharing. However, we always recommend downloading in full resolution for best quality.

Step 9 - Receive a Custom USB

Lastly, you will receive a beautiful USB in metal case by mail with all your edited photos in full resolution.

Step 10 - Album Design

If you have an Album with your wedding package or if you purchase an album now you can make your selections through your online gallery. If you hover over the photo you choose, you can click on the heart symbol to favorite the photo. We will be notified once you complete this and will be able to start designing your album layout.