Planning Guide

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Engagement sessions are essential and enjoyable shoots that captures a couple in a laid back, visually creative light. These sessions are typically 90 minutes in which the couple is allowed to bring extra clothes for an outfit change to optimize the time and services we provide. Engagement sessions also allow the couple to familiarize themselves with our work and style of photography, and allows the photographers to understand the couples expectations and interests for their photography. This is a necessary step when it comes time to photograph the wedding day because all parties involved are already familiar with the styles and interests in mind.

Engagement Locations

When it comes time to find a specific location for an engagement session, couples will often know the exact spot they want as it may represent where they first met or a spot that has a meaningful importance. However, we will happily offer suggestions in New York City that are just as beautiful and picturesque!

Something to keep in mind when choosing a location in NYC is that it is constantly packed with tourists that may be in the background of many shots. Our photographers do their best to counteract these distractions by taking creative shots from various angles or simply waiting for an area to clear. This, however, is an unavoidable problem that must be considered. Optimal times to avoid large crowds and distractions will be to book sessions in the morning rather than later in the day.

ICONIC Locations:

Here is a list of popular locations and attractions that are especially beautiful in the spring and summer months:

New York City

Westchester County

Long Island

Best Time to Shoot & Weather Challenges

Depending on whether the shoot will be outside or indoors, the timing of the session is an important factor to consider when booking. If outside, late afternoon or early in the morning create a special ambiance for the photos. The glowing light shines beautifully on the subject and will ultimately create beautifully lit pictures. If indoors, our photographers can manipulate the light to also create that same ambiance.

The weather is also a factor to consider with outdoor shoots because it will alter all that our photographers can accomplish with your photos. However, they are very skilled in working with different types of weather patterns and can still accomplish a quality finish. Rescheduling engagement shoots are always recommended if you have a certain vision in mind for your photos. We require a 48-hour notice in order to reschedule your session.

Outfit Tips: Embrace Your Style and Dress for Comfort

The most crucial advice we can offer is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable. For instance, if you’re accustomed to flats, you might not enjoy the session wearing towering heels.

  • If you’re planning to wear high-heels, consider bringing a pair of comfortable shoes or sandals for walking between locations.
  • In case of predicted rain or light drizzle, it’s wise to bring transparent umbrellas. Not only do they serve as great props, but they also offer essential protection during inclement weather.
  • If you’re bringing props, we suggest capturing some early photos with them and then stowing them away.
  • Likewise, if you’re bringing a pet, we’re delighted to include them in some adorable photos. However, having a friend available to look after your pet can ensure you can fully focus on the shoot.

Your Engagement Session Packing List:

  • Flats or flip-flops for walking between photo locations (if you’re planning to wear heels)
  • Outfit two (including shoes and accessories), if you’d like a second outfit
  • Touch-up makeup
  • Water bottle (for warmer sessions)
  • Coat or cover-up (for colder sessions)