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Wedding Photography has gone through trends over the last couple of years.  We have seen everything from dinosaurs chasing bridal parties, awkward poses, unflattering angles, and bad lighting.  We totally understand your dilemma right now.  How do you ensure that you will get photos that look different from everything you have seen.  How do you know that your photographer will make you look good.  How will you know that they will capture photos that tell a story, and that you would be happy to put on your wall.  

We have the answer for you.

Our goal is to make sure that your wedding photos capture the gravity and the emotion of your wedding day.  From stunning portraits, to incredible moments between you and your loved ones.  We know the core foundations that not only make great photography, but also an incredible experience for you and your family.

We created this style of cinematic photography that is focused on you, your family, and the most important day of your life!



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Our Photography Style

Our Photography Style

Photojournalism, cinema, and art are the elements that we strive for in narrating weddings, events and stories. we love to have fun and create images that showcase personality, style, and quintessential moments. We will ensure all the moments are impeccably documented. Our goal is provide all of our clients with modern and timeless images, with some artistic, spontaneous fun!

Our Studio is not your run-of-the-mill stuffy wedding photography service. We focus on cinematic portraiture, meaning that we incorporate movement and fashion-inspired posing and lighting technique into our work for a breathtaking experience and images like you’ve never seen before. Our creations are not just photographs, but world-class art, blending traditional photography with creative photojournalism and modern fashion influences to create one-of-a-kind images that you and your loved ones will treasure.

Our team of 5 talented photographer-storytellers at Dhoom Studio Photography exists to make luxury photography available to everyone. We created a style of photography that puts your story at center stage, and allows us to capture your love reflected in your emotion, the environment, and the people you love the most who are here for you on the most important day of your lives.

Every single artist on the team at Our Studio is trained to be proficient in three different styles of photography. We guarantee our clients variety in styles and locations and shoot each wedding in all three styles. These are the three styles that we specialize in:

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This our signature style, which blends bursts of color with fashion inspired lighting to unify you and your environment. Though this is the most difficult style to shoot, our team is trained to create at least one image in this style for each part of your wedding day, and the results are perfect as framed wall art for your home.

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If you love seeing the emotion from your wedding day, you will resonate deeply with our second style, which we create by capturing emotional moments as they unfold before our eyes. These are definitley priceless moments and takes an unique skills to capture it in real time.

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As New York wedding photographers, we often shoot couples in well lighted as well as not-well lighted areas. Natural light is a hot topic among folks in the photography industry, and we are able to create this clean, airy, and light look for you even when the light is low. This timeless, classic form of photography will never go out of style.

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