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Since every wedding is unique in its requirements, hence we do not have a ‘General Formula’ that apply to all weddings. However, many weddings share some common core aspects. Therefore, we created a generic guide to help you in planning your special day from the perspective of a photographer. We hope this planning guide will help you better understand all that we can accomplish for your wedding and aid in creating a simple and yet a smooth plan of your event. Throughout the many events we have serviced, these are some essential aspects of a successful wedding day:


  • Getting Ready
  • First Look
  • Family Portraits
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Cocktail Hour, Reception & Party
  • Creative Night Photos

The Importance of Wedding Day Photo Timeline

Effective planning is essential for success, especially when aiming for stunning wedding pictures. Ensuring you allocate enough time is crucial. Keep in mind that optimal shots rely on natural light, so factor in the season and daylight hours when planning your wedding day timeline. Here’s an example of what your plan should look like.

Details: 30 minutes

These images showcase the rings, dress, shoes, and other elements that contribute to narrating the story of this magical day.

Getting Ready: 60 minutes

The first segment of our guide starts with the getting ready shots of the bride and groom. It is a special pre-wedding segment that should not be overlooked as it captures creative, tender moments between family members and the bride and groom. The shoot typically begins with shots of the bride in the midst of getting her hair and makeup done; for the groom, shots of family members fixing a tie or buttoning a jacket are captured. Our photographers can capture both the bride and groom simultaneously. Next, essential shots we prioritize are creative pictures of shoes, jewelry, wedding rings, and other items of importance to the bride and groom. Once the significant details are photographed, our photographers will discuss with the bride and groom the plan for the day, as well as any important shots to look forward to. We prioritize this moment so that the bride and groom feel comfortable and informed about the events to come.

Individual Portraits: 30 minutes for each bride & groom

These photographs should be taken immediately following the getting ready session, so it’s important to allocate sufficient time for this shoot before the ceremony.

First Look: 60 minutes

The next segment is optional, but definitely one of our favorites. Depending on whether the bride and groom want to capture the surprise of their first look, our photographers have the ability to photograph a very special moment. This segment allows for beautiful shots of the couple in certain areas of the venue before it gets hectic or filled with guests. Pictures of the bridal party and essential family members can also be taken at this time to ensure there is time to enjoy your wedding day. Depending on the timeline of your special day, our photographers can capture these group portraits so that the bride and groom do not have to worry during later segments, such as the cocktail hour or reception.

Family Portraits: 30-45 minutes

The third segment is typically when portraits of the family and guests are taken with the bride and groom. It is necessary to either provide a list of immediate family members or assign someone to aid in the flow of family portraits. While our photographers do their best to familiarize themselves with immediate family, it can be hard to distinguish them during the event. That is why it is very helpful to assign for coordination.

Wedding Party: 30 minutes

Please note that the duration of this session will vary depending on the size of the wedding party. It’s essential to have a discussion with your photographer beforehand to go over the guest list and decide on the types of shots you’d like to capture.


The ceremony segment is an essential art of a wedding day, and we pride ourselves in capturing natural shots in the style of photojournalism. Hiring two photographers will allow for us to capture intimate moments between the bride and groom, as well as reaction shots of family members and guests. This ensures that everything you want to remember from this special day is photographed for your viewing pleasure.

Cocktail Hour:

The next segment depends on what is chosen during the first look. If the bride and groom chose to take pictures with bridal party and immediate family during the first look, then the cocktail hour can be spent mingling with guests while our photographers take essential candid of the guests and details of cocktail hour.

Reception Details & Decor: 30 minutes

These photographs are equally important. the ballroom must be fully ready. We will capture images of the room, details and decor before it is opened to guests.

Additionally, time must be factored in for our photographers and crew to set up in the reception hall. This is to ensure that the entrance of the bride and groom, as well as the bridal party and immediate family, can be captured in a timely manner. Once the reception starts, our photographers will be in place to capture speeches, cake cutting, and first dances.

Creative Night Photos: 30 minutes

The final segment of a generic wedding day is another one of our favorites—the night portraits. Depending on whether the bride and groom specifically want this photo-shoot and on the timeline of the night, a night shoot is usually completed during a short moment of free time during the reception. Our photographers will seek out the perfect spot beforehand and will coordinate with the couple when to head out there for a special and intimate moment we love to capture.

Getting Ready

Wedding day “getting ready” photographs capture the behind-the-scenes moments as the couple and their wedding party prepare for the big day. These images showcase the anticipation, excitement, and tender moments shared among loved ones as they help each other get ready.

bride_getting_ready_01 Wedding Day
bride_getting_ready_02 Wedding Day
bride_getting_ready_03 Wedding Day

First Look

The importance of wedding day first look photographs lies in capturing the genuine emotions and intimate moments shared between the couple before the ceremony. These images not only document a significant milestone but also preserve the raw and heartfelt reactions that cannot be replicated.

bride-and-groom_first_look_01-scaled Wedding Day
bride-and-groom_first_look_02 Wedding Day
bride-and-groom_first_look_03-scaled Wedding Day

Family & Bridal Party

Whether the family formals are arranged prior to or following the ceremony, this is our chance to gather your close and important extended family members for photographs. By planning ahead of the wedding day, we can ensure that family photos are efficiently taken within 30 minutes or less.

wedding-parties-bridesmaid-28_24 Wedding Day
wedding-parties-groomsmen-13 Wedding Day
wedding-parties-bridesmaid-28 Wedding Day

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremony photographs are of immense significance, regardless of whether your ceremony is traditional and lengthy or modern and brief. Therefore, it’s crucial to acknowledge this importance and have a detailed discussion with your photographer beforehand. This discussion allows you to go over the guest list and decide on the types of shots you’d like to capture, ensuring that every important moment is beautifully preserved.

Wedding-41 Wedding Day
wedding_ceremony_02 Wedding Day
wedding_ceremony_01 Wedding Day

Bride & Groom Portraits

Bride and groom portraits on the wedding day are timeless and cherished photographs that capture the essence of the couple’s love and commitment. These images showcase the beauty, style, and unique personalities of the bride and groom in a stunning setting. Whether captured in a picturesque outdoor location, within the elegance of a venue, or against a romantic backdrop, these portraits highlight the joy and anticipation of the couple as they embark on their new journey together. The bride and groom portraits serve as a beautiful memento of the wedding day, capturing the emotions, connection, and love shared between the newlyweds in a series of unforgettable images.

Bride-Groom-Portraits_01 Wedding Day
Bride-Groom-Portraits_03 Wedding Day
Bride-Groom-Portraits_02-scaled Wedding Day

Wedding Venue & Reception Decor

Wedding venue and reception decor photos capture the artistry and ambiance that create a memorable celebration. They showcase meticulous planning and creative vision, transforming spaces into stunning and personalized settings. From floral arrangements and table settings to lighting and overall theme, these photos highlight the event’s unique style and elegance while preserving details reflecting the couple’s personality and love story. They not only document the beauty of the surroundings but also evoke the emotions and atmosphere of the joyous occasion, creating a visual narrative for years to come.

Wedding-Venue-Reception-Decor_01 Wedding Day
Wedding-Venue-Reception-Decor_02 Wedding Day
Wedding-Venue-Reception-Decor_03 Wedding Day

Wedding Reception

Let’s celebrate together! Throughout the festivities, we’ll be capturing your grand entrances, first dance, speeches, formalities, performances, and all the fun and excitement shared with your friends and family.

wedding_reception_01 Wedding Day
wedding_reception_02 Wedding Day
wedding_reception_03 Wedding Day

Creative Night Photos

Creative night photos on your wedding night add a touch of magic to your album. These photos capture the enchanting atmosphere under the stars or amidst romantic lighting.

Creative-Night-Photos_02-scaled Wedding Day
Creative-Night-Photos_01 Wedding Day
Creative-Night-Photos_03 Wedding Day

As you embark on this beautiful journey together, take a moment to soak in the magic of your wedding night. It’s a time filled with love, joy, and endless possibilities.


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