If you want your wedding day to go off without a hitch, timing should be one of your topmost priorities. Creating a definite wedding day timeline is extremely important because even if you run late by a few minutes, you risk turning the entire day into a disorganized mess. The more detailed the timeline, the better.

Here are four tips for you to create a timeline that can help you avoid common wedding day pitfalls:

1. Create a timeline from scratch.

Every couple will have a unique wedding timeline. It will depend on families, friends, venues, vendors and even travel time. So you need to make sure that you create your timeline keeping all these things in mind. You can use online templates but do not expect them to work perfectly for your big day. It is best if you use them as a reference.

2. Think about how long hair and makeup will take and then add an extra hour to it.

Hair and makeup take up quite a big chunk of your prep time because it is something that simply cannot be rushed. If you don’t allow enough time for it, there is very little you can do to speed it up at the last moment. This becomes even more crucial if the entire bridal party is getting ready along with the bride because more people means more time.

3. Make sure everyone is prepared for family portraits.

No one is more happy for you on your big day than your family, but they are also sometimes unknowingly responsible for unanticipated situations like getting late for portraits. If everyone is not on the same page about timings, it can cause portrait sessions to drag out far longer than required. You need to ensure that everyone knows when the session will be held so that they remain at or near the location at that time.

4. Schedule everything.

It may sound a tad bit unnecessary but you should create a schedule for every single activity on your wedding day. That includes even the smallest things like the lunch menu or when you will have it. This will help you in avoiding stress and frustration on that day.

These little details may be important but at the end of the day, no matter what goes wrong, you are still going to get married to the love of your life. And that is what matters, not the logistics of the wedding!

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