If you want your wedding day to be perfect, there are a few must-haves: a beautiful venue, delicious food, a good photographer, a wedding DJ and so on. While these are the more traditional wedding essentials, you can further enhance the mood of the event and entertain your guests, even more, a photo booth is a great idea. Although it may seem like an additional and even a little unnecessary addition to your overwhelming wedding checklist, a photo booth will effortlessly take your wedding celebrations to another level.

Still on the fence? Here are some of the reasons why you must absolutely have a photo booth at your wedding:

1. They are a source of great entertainment

Your guests will love it! While your DJ will take care of the excited dancers, what about those who do not want to hit the dance floor? A photo booth could be a fun thing for them to do, and for everyone else. It will allow your guests to enjoy an additional form of entertainment at your wedding. They can burn up the dance, chug a few drinks at the bar and then let loose inside the photo booth. Imagine the crazy, memorable photos you get to cherish forever!

2. You get more wedding photos and fast!

Yes, you have your professional wedding photographer to capture all the beautiful moments and wild shenanigans at the wedding, but people will be out taking photos at the photo booth too. And that means you get twice or even thrice the photos of everyone enjoying and celebrating on one of the most significant days of your life. What’s the best part? You don’t even have to wait for months to get them. With our stylish photo booth for parties, you can get your photos straight to your email, cell phone, or social media account, within a few seconds!

3. They are perfect for all ages

Weddings are a family affair, which means all your relatives are going to be there. Traditional forms of entertainment like DJs and bands might not be to everyone’s taste. For instance, your grandma might not want to groove to a Maroon 5 song. She can, instead, head to the photo booth to make iconic memories of her own. Even little children can use the booth.

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