Photography is an essential part of your wedding day. Wouldn’t you agree? After all, the photos that capture the moments when you and your partner say “I do”, share your first kiss, or dance for the first time as husband and wife are going to be the most tangible memories you will have of that special day. This is why it is so crucial that you clearly communicate your expectations to your wedding photographer. And here are some of the most essential things you should let them know:

1. Tell them about the timeline for the wedding
Even though many couples tend to overlook this detail, creating a timeline – even if a rough one – is essential in helping everything run smoothly, including the photography. Give your wedding photographer an estimate of the time when the ceremony and other important events are supposed to begin or when you want the wedding portraits to be taken. And most importantly, keep some buffer time in hand so that if things run late, you are not forced to sacrifice shoot time.

2. If you want any specific moments to be (or not to be) captured, let them know
Most wedding photographers know the beautiful moments to look out for and captured in a wedding. However, if you have any special requests, share them. Do you want photos of your wedding trousseau? Or of you getting your hair and makeup done? Tell this to your photographer. Similarly, if there are moments that you don’t want in your wedding album, tell that too. For instance, while some people find the shenanigans of inebriated family members and friends cute and silly, some do not. Whatever it is that you want, let it be known.

3. Give them a list of all your family members and friends for the wedding portraits
To ensure that every family member and close friend is able to get their photos taken, give your photographer a list of all their names. Using that list, they can simply call out the names and get the photos done as quickly as possible. This will help keep the process smooth and efficient, and also give you plenty of time to get the bride and groom shots and make it to your reception on time.

Only when you provide all of this information will your photographer be able to understand your vision and capture all that is truly important to you and your wedding.
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